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I am in a relationship, i really like my boyfriend and I wouldn't want to loose him. However, I ran into my ex boyfriend last night with a couple of friends and they convinced me to come back with them to his place for a little while. While we were there, we were just catching up talking about the old days, & now he decides that he wants me back. I told him I have a boyfriend now and he started kissing on my neck and purposely left a huge hickey there so my boyfriend could see it. I was trying to fight it, but hes a lot stronger than I am. After telling him to stop countless times, i got angry and decided to leave 

Today I am suppose to see my boyfriend, & I have this obvious hickey on my neck. Should i just tell him? Should I just not go see him? What should I do?
asked Dec 28, 2013 in Family & Relationships by jeraxbeauty (80 points) | 561 views
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