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please if someone know about the days of treatment please let me know very urgent

asked Aug 19, 2013 in News & Events by Sushant
retagged Apr 29, 2014 | 30,914 views
gall bladder stone also remove?
yes, my mom had also in gall bladder and it worked for her..
How long it took...  and big it was ... Can u explain in detail if u don't mind
there were so many small stones and it was removed but not all in once..
Please can anyone provide me any contact no. Baba, i just want to ask is there removal of gall bladder stone or not?
Don’t trust , this is absolutely playing gambling around innocent , personally had very bad experienced...in front of people he removes stone but that stone doesn’t resemblance or match size what you have in your kidney..
Pathri wale baba in Vadodara is completely frod. He's gambler. Looting people.
Could u pls share or ping ur numbet

17 Answers

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Pyre Bapu Pathri Wale (Vadodara)

India / Gujarat / Vadodara

Pyare Bapu Patrivale He is a miracle man in Gujarat with healing Powers. He is a kidney stone specialist. If you have stones in your kidney he can remove the stones just by pinching your stomach. Never was that easy right!! He lives in a small hut in Gujarat. He does this service 365 days of the year. And guess what all of this FREE OF COST!! Apart from Kidney stones he can cure other diseases as well. There is no publicity. Just get down at the station in Baroda and ask him you to drop you at Pyare Bapu's and you will be there. Instead of under going surgery paying thousands of rupees why not take pains to travel a little and under go magical healing. It will be physically and mentally less painful. His Address is: Pyare Bapu Patrivale Navapura, Mehboobpura, Baroda, Gujarat Ph: 0265-2419052 Cell 98250-67195

answered Aug 19, 2013 by khairavs
This is phishing scam for innocent people, they play mind game with people. Please i requesting to all of you don't go there. Hire a good doctor & stay safe. Wish you Happy Life.  if any clarification needed call me : 9015884949
Hi All..just an update. I tried to contact him on these nos "Ph: 0265-2419052 Cell 98250-67195", but it seems his nos has changed.
You can also whatsaap on 9015884949
Bwrofficial@cm4, यहां संपर्क करे, call here he will give you genuine information.
बाबा धोखेबाज है। मत जाइए वहां। हाथ की सफाई है सब।
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Pyare Bapu is rally a miracle man. i had stone stucked in tube near bladder which could not come out easily. I UNDERWENT A SURGERY WHICH PUSHED THE STONE INSIDE THE KIDNEY N KEPT A STAND. AFTER THAT I HAD TO UNDERGO LASER OPERATION TO BREAK THE STONES .



answered Jan 9, 2014 by anonymous
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dear sir i am sunil kumar.my friend have a stomach pathari and doctor said it more than 11mm dia.pls tell it will be removed easily thanks regards sunil kumar
answered Feb 1, 2014 by anonymous
would u like to go for operation or pathriwale baba?
Come on man don't trust on all this things ,that's all are fake.
My father had visit to him and he got no profit by this.
My father has stone in his kidney and that fake fuck baba made trust to my father that he removed that shit out.
After coming from barodara my father did sonography and the stone was still there.
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Dear friend & colleagues,

My name is Rajesh Jadhav; I am staying in bhandup Mumbai, in 2 or 3 past years my mother pain in kindly stone, in that time we have take responsibility for operation, & done the kidney stone operation, & current some days the kidney stone started again we have take sonography again & the stone is 6.00 mm, I am very tried & physical pressure for the heath my mother,

My office friend Mr Vikas, suggest to me go to the pathri wale baba at Baroda & same days we take decision to going Baroda that the date is 02-01-2014,

BABA REMOVED THE STONE & today I am very happy………………thanks Baba you are a Original SAI BABA
answered Feb 3, 2014 by rajesh
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I also have stone pls give me ur cell no I m also living at bhandup.
answered Feb 6, 2014 by manish
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lease stop fooling ppl.... I waste 23000 in flight with a hope from Mumbai to gujrat with brother .... Tht he removes the stones, but he is really fake.. He doest nazar bhand with the agarbatti smoke n that water which he sprays on body...n show tht he has removed stones from stomach.. Those stones which are removed a very hard Crystal stone which can be in our body... Which he hides in his full sleeves kurta.... He really removes stones y doest he tell everyone check sonography after a month why not immediately after he removed stones... N guys they do ask for money, please stop fooling... He is really fake person...
answered Mar 30, 2014 by anonymous
But he never ask for money.
depends in his case he get relif and removed than only he says even in my case I am also suffering from pain and i have 6 stone , but after 20 days of removal i go for test and found 0 stone so in our case it is right so we are saying here only
I am planing to visit him.... now confused wht to do.... more details plz
Don't go... Where do u ve stones in kidney or gallbladder.?? If gallbladder then do liver cleansing... With  the help olive oil n Epsom salt, it proper process.https://youtu.be/8Zs7ucjx1M8 _I did  this last year ...do this one a year u ll never have stones .. n follow Luke continho..on FB he helped me too with this
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yes he is really fake person

answered Jun 28, 2014 by anonymous
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I am a doctor. It is impossible to remove stones by any baba . If stones are small they may pass out in urine by themselves.

answered Jul 14, 2014 by AKPPAR (130 points)
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anybody having contact details of him

answered Aug 11, 2014 by zimba1988
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He is a totally fraud man, just a cheater of innocent persons. I went there for my wife before 3 months back he picked out few stones from his hand. That time I thought the he has some god gifted power but when I checked recently from ultra sound, all the stones are still there, not a single stone is removed.

Don’t trust on it, totally fake. Tell everyone about that.

answered Sep 15, 2014 by anonymous
any genuine questions please contact me at bwrofficial@cm4.

किसी भी जानकारी के लिए यहां संपर्क करे bwrofficial@cm4
Bwrofficial@cm4, thank you for your kind information, it's work for me. Thank you.

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