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please if someone know about the days of treatment please let me know very urgent

asked Aug 19, 2013 in News & Events by Sushant
retagged Apr 29, 2014 | 30,914 views
gall bladder stone also remove?
yes, my mom had also in gall bladder and it worked for her..
How long it took...  and big it was ... Can u explain in detail if u don't mind
there were so many small stones and it was removed but not all in once..
Please can anyone provide me any contact no. Baba, i just want to ask is there removal of gall bladder stone or not?
Don’t trust , this is absolutely playing gambling around innocent , personally had very bad experienced...in front of people he removes stone but that stone doesn’t resemblance or match size what you have in your kidney..
Pathri wale baba in Vadodara is completely frod. He's gambler. Looting people.
Could u pls share or ping ur numbet

17 Answers

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how this collations for this ..answer for regard...how much..this baba is right way..for stone problem solutions... Please right way for e....some Pathri wale baba regard answer me...

answered Oct 7, 2014 by pintu
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For a moment I didnt beleive it....but when I personally visited the location for treatment with much hesistance I was schocked as the treatment was positive. I was diagnosd with two kidney stones one was 11mm and the second was 7 mm both were removed with the help of Pyare Bapu today I am pain free and I also removed sonography there were no stones.It is a true miracle.

answered Feb 15, 2015 by Yash Mishra
Hi my name is Asif can u please send me pyare Bapu's contact  no. I need it urgently.... U can email me in mmaniar.asif@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.
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TOTALLY..................FRAUD............DONT TO FROM HER.............FRAUD...CHITTER...........THIRD CLASS MAN

answered Feb 27, 2015 by anonymous
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yes there is a lady named Radha Maa or Radhe Maa in Baroda who is curing stones as some people told me.

answered Mar 26, 2016 by rukmi
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hey there......its all fake....... we had went there for removing stone from gall bladder.....but after 30 days i check that stone was not removed in ultrasound......fake baba..

answered Oct 23, 2016 by chandi
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bapu mai allahabad se mere pitt ki thaili me pathari hai kya mera ilaj ho payega aapki badi kripa hogi.

answered Jul 14, 2017 by geeta devi
Meri mom ke liye gaye the hum, uske baad araam to tha...aur agar jayeda hai to ek baar mei saare nahi niklenege...
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I am local barodian went recently he is faking the public and specially people comes from far places

answered Dec 27, 2017 by anonymous

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