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I need an automated IVR system where callers listen some custom IVR before being picked up by an agent.  They can also press some key anytime to quit waiting in the queue and leave a voice mail. is it possible
asked Mar 21, 2014 in Education & Reference by Yogi (180 points) | 214 views

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exten => 99999,1,noop
; answer before playing the sound files
exten => 99999,n,answer
exten => 99999,n,wait(1)
exten => 99999,n,Set(TIMEOUT(digit)=2)
exten => 99999,n,Set(TIMEOUT(response)=10)
exten => 99999,n,Background(sound/custom-welcome)
; use H to let caller hangup a ringing call to agent by disconnect key seq in features.conf
; use n such No retries on the timeout; will exit this application and go to the next step.
; otherwise, caller still stays in the queue redialing to agent
exten => 99999,n,Queue(queue,Hn,,,120)
; customer leaves voice message by keying '*' or upon wait timeout of 120s
exten => 99999,n,VoiceMail(1234@ivr)

answered Mar 21, 2014 by Sam (1,290 points)

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