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I just found infidelity from my fiancee. She confessed with me that she had sex with her cousin. Now i got depression. Neither can leave her nor can accept her i can't pay my attention to my work.i dont understand why she did this.
How can i punish both of them? When i ask her about that she gets angry and refuse to say more. This problem is very big for mine while she has no.
So plz tell me how to come out from this depresional situation?

asked May 19, 2014 in Family & Relationships by dhara vyas (100 points)
edited May 21, 2014 by Marc | 231 views

2 Answers

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Your problem is really serious and sensitive. You should let her know about your depressed situation. Actually you didn’t done any unfaithful act toward her that why are you going to be the scapegoat. She should be punished for her sinful act.
You have told that you are unable to either accept her or leave her. But as per my opinion you should show your masculine courage at this moment and just leave her. She will never be a trustworthy wife in your future, trust me. You will surely imprecate and curse yourself in future if you accept her as your life partner. She will prone to again break your emotion and trust in the future. I know that it will be very tough decision for you, but you should make a decision in order to make you future happy ahead.
You can also share these all things to you elders. They will surely understand your critical condition and help you in this situation. Please don’t make your life hell, just leave her.

answered May 20, 2014 by AHMAD (740 points)

very true and correct @AHMAD

Thank you ahmedbhai.
Ahmedbhai.. Now i want to expose her and her cousine in front of her parent..i know that my peace of mind will never come again but atleast they will stop their such activity because they were misuse of their brother-sister relation.and no one did doubt them...
Should i do that?
Ahmedbhai, before this i caught 3 time by doing such another thing like facebook.. Whatsapp and talk with another strange people..while i catch her in red handed..she start to cry and ask for forgiveness for the last time..
And she also asked for forgiveness for the last time when the above incident occured.now a days she talk with me easily like nothing happened..but i am living daily with depression..i m exteremly thinking that i expose her and her cousine bro...
My peace of mind may not come again but may feelbsomething better...plz reply
She is asking for forgiveness last time..
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You should let her know about the intensity of sin done by her. She had done really such kind of act that will scarred the sweet relation of brother and sister. Her parent should know the gloomy character of her daughter. Therefore you should unmask her reality in front of her parent and relatives. This will surely be the real punish to her.

Talking with other people is not a bad thing, but it is bad in such conditions when denied confess to do so. She hides herself in such activities shows her cheap character.
If you forgive her now than, she will always ask it again and again it future. Last will never come in to her context. So strengthen yourself and let the world know about her sin. It will surely relax your mind

answered May 21, 2014 by AHMAD (740 points)
Thank you ahmadbhai.. U said truely all things. She is as u told.. And thx
Bdw..if u dont mind, plz send ur contact email id to my email id
Hi @dhara for privacy you can easily contact any community expert through private messaging feature in FOA under user profile like this -> http://answerguru.net/message/AHMAD
Ahmadbhai.. I sent u some matter your message box  so plz reply at my email id..
Plz plz

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