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aspermia treatment
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Aspermia is a disease of the Male Reproductive Organ.
The lack of semen or sperms in the semen is Aspermia.
It causes infertility in men.
Men with Aspermia fail to produce semen at orgasm.
Normally there is a contraction of the Sphincter (Opening of the bladder) before ejaculation. It forces the semen out through the urethra. But in Retrograde Ejaculation the semen flows into the bladder rather than out of the body through Urethra.
Retrograde Ejaculation is the the major cause for Aspermia.

Causes of Aspermia
Testicular Cancer
Retrograde Ejaculation
Ejaculatory Duct Obstruction
Nerve damage caused by disease
Malfunctioning bladder sphincter

If not treated properly, Aspermia may cause
Diminished Sexual Sensation

Your best bet is, Indian Spider Plant and Land Caltrops.
A visit to the Doctor is a must.



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