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I am not able to ping my domain, can you please help me out? as I have bought another server and I mentioned the A record IP too in domain DNS ...Hosting from UpCloud.com and A record IP is X.X.X.X...Using hosting india to company to buy domain
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Specific for hosting.india.to

Go to Hosting.India.to client area login:

Click Domains >> My Domains
"Your Domain Name" and click "Tools" image
Here you will find all the details for domain modification.
=> Change Nameservers to :

=> Go to DNS Managemnt
HostName : @
RecordType : A
Address: IP Address
NOTE : Nameserver propagation depends on your ISP (Internet Provider), it can take 4-48hrs.
So you have to wait atleast 24hrs to get it normal.

And we do this way because
If you want to point your domain's A record or any DNS record through domain control panel.
Then first you have to point domain nameservers to the domain control panel, so you can manage domain DNS records through DNS Management.

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