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There's this guy I'm 17 he's 19 and anyways he asked for my number on Sunday so I have it to him and we texted for three hours on Sunday then he snapchated me Monday for four hours then yesterday we snapchated for five hours!! We have known each other for about a year and have kinda talked in and off!! He always goes on about how cute and gorgeous I am and he even called me babe and i told him i thought he was cute he flirts with me a lot and says things like he wishes I was there to watch a movie with him an he would cuddle with me and he asked when are we gonna hang out? So I said idk but I like him he's cute nice and funny but we live like 2 hours away from each other so it's not like we hang just hang out!! So last night I asked if we were like going out because to me it did sound like it and he said no we're just friends and I said ok I didn't know I was confused and he said dont be:) But I feel stupid for even asking him that but I wanted to know!! So what's it sound like to you all? Maybe he is wanting to actually hang out first before he actually asks me out or what? And should I snapchat him tonight or wait a few days?
asked Oct 30, 2013 in Family & Relationships by KelsieSiebert (80 points) | 608 views

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I guess if he clears you one time that he is just friend so just be his friend only and not to indulge to much with him as his characters seems FLIRT only nothing more than that...
answered Oct 31, 2013 by anonymous
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In my opinion both of you like to be spend time together. The age of your relationship is seems not too mature, so don't be too close with him.

He said to you that he is  just your friend. But always keep in mind that friendship is the first step toward strong relationship.

You are only 17 and you will find lots of such guys in your life ahead. May be in future you may find a much loyal and attractive guys.

So, don't involved with him and be a good judge.

Your judgement power will certainly let you to select a good partner.
answered Nov 8, 2013 by SA

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