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You are required to produce a requirements document for the system described below. You should

demonstrate your ability to capture and express requirements succinctly. Your understanding of the

business and technology aspect of requirements will be assessed on the basis of your justifications

with respect to their decompositions, dependencies and prioritisation. You should use the Volere

requirements management approach to produce this document.



System Description:

Barmays Bank is looking towards rolling out a new network of Automatic Teller Machines

(ATM) across the country. Their customers will be able to access the functions that are

already offered by their competitors such as withdrawing money, depositing money and

topping up mobile phone balances. In addition Barmays Bank want to offer their customers

latest reduced deals on their travel business such as all-in-one holidays and transatlantic

flights for which Barmays is offering a financing option.


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