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I see that there are legal online casinos opening in New Jersey, but I have been playing at off-shore ones for years. I am sure that the US kicked all the local ones out, but also said it was only illegal to be betting on sports. So where can I play at one of the mobile casinos and still win real money in the US outside of Vegas and New Jersey. I also would prefer a site that has bonuses for slots because that is all I have been playing recently. I find blackjack to be boring and I always lose at roulette haha.
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There are a number of resources out there for you casino20expert and starting with what kind of site you want is probably best. Yes at a federal level they are legal as of now, but who knows what the future will hold.

The first thing to do would be to read reviews of USA online casinos to see which one you want to try first. That site I linked (Mobilecasinoparty) also has a lot of mobile casinos (DUH!) with bonuses like you asked for.

Then I would also see more about mobile gambling on the wiki and you will find out that it is still in its infancy. I would say we will see more over the next year or so as more developers start working "app based".

Now at a state level that would be different form state to state. I know that Oregon is probably bad, but boy it would be hard to find out, and Washington State is defiantly bad, see this:

Anywhere else and I would go for it!

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The problem with playing online in the USA is that the law has made it very difficult for your tow deposit cash with credit cards or withdraw your winnings.

There are a handful of gamblers that have found a loophole in the system by using a virtual private network like HideMyAss.

For example using these VPN's you will have the option to play at a greater selection of online casinos in Canada or even in the UK.

Best of luck with whatever you decide!


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