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Okay. So this may be a bit confusing but I really really want someone's opinion. About 5 months ago, I met this guy on Omegle. I gave him my Kik and we've been talking ever since then. We got to know each other well and one night we decided to sext each other(don't judge please). My mom found out and saw the pics and everything. She took my phone away but I was still secretly talking to him on my ipad. She gave my phone back recently and is unaware of the fact that we still call and text each other. We don't sext anymore, really. We just talk. I feel close to him. He's a good friend. We act JUST like we're in a relationship but were not. I kinda wish we were. He's 17, I'm 14, he's in Missouri, I'm in Maryland. It sucks. I know that he talks to other girls an stuff and I know I shouldn't care because he's single and so am I. What should I do? Just date and keep him in mind? I get so confused by him. Guys suck at taking hints. He tells me he loves me and misses me all the time and sends cute hearts and kissy faces and calls me cute names. I don't get it. I don't think I'm just being used because all this time he hasn't asked to sext again after just that one time. I mean sometimes we'll talk about it and get a little… ahem. But nothing like pictures. He also doesn't want to stop talking, he's told me that. We tell each other a lot and talk a lot. I really do think I Love him... That or I'm stupid. I know you've never tAlked to him or anything so you don't have a lot to judge from, but just knowing this, what is your opinion of him? My family hates him, obviously. But I won't give up. I think about him ALL the time and he really gets me distracted during school and stuff. He won't leave Mind as hard as I try. He's so adorable, funny, cute, sweet, and smart. Im confused on how i feel and how he feels too. Based on my feelings and what he says, we basically love each other but arent dating.Why?! WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH ME?!
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Dear Katie,

Your attraction toward him is quite natural. Well, you know that your have just entered in your teenager life & attraction toward opposite *** is kinda cool.  

In my opinion you should not waste your precious time by thinking all time about him, it will affect your academic performance a lot.

You know honey, that true love takes time in order to become mature, I am not saying to stop communicating with him. Be in contact with him but also maintain some limitations.

As you told that your parents dislike him. They may be do so because they think that this will probably spoil your career.

Establish yourself in some height, try to perform well in your academic year. Honestly pay attention on your studies.
After some years you can disclose your feelings about him to your parents, then they would understand your feelings and will allow you to communicate with him.     

All The Best !
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