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867 views a 17 year old girl from India. My best friend is a guy..we sit together in classes n solve maths n physics problems all the time. Everything was going fine until recently when my friend told me that all the teachers think that there is "something" going on between me n him..n that they are planning to change our seats. I felt really bad when i got to know that my teachers are feeling so..n when i talked to him about it..the only solution that came to our mind was to tie him a "rakhi" (a thread that every Indian girl ties to her brother ) infront of all the teachers..! What is it with these teachers? y cant a boy n a girl be friends..? am really bad..:/
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Dear Smitha
your teacher is right in his point of view. You are in school and school has the responsibility to teach children and parents expect the school to protect their children as they do. Teacher is doing his/her job to maintain the discipline of school and not to make it a lovers point.
Its not only concerned with you. Imagine if all the students of school start the same thing, then what will happen to the school and teaching? so don't take it personally.

You may be right in your point of view but still you have to maintain the limits till friendship and never do things which which make people around you to have suspension. I am not blaming you for anything but we must do things in limits and always have to take care of our social environment.

there are things which can't be changed like our culture. You or many may have difference of opinion regarding openness but this is what you are, this is where you live.

Things without limit are bound to create trouble.
Take good care smitha

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