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What do u mean by doc style?...u mean to say HTML?
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no not html,i mean "heredoc" style in php



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It is a little more complicated than that in practice, but not much - the string delimiter needs to be by itself on a line, in the very first column. That is, you cannot add spacing or tabs around it.

Take a look at this example:

 = <<<EOT
    This is some PHP text.
    It is completely free
    I can use "double quotes"
    and 'single quotes',
    plus $variables too, which will
    be properly converted to their values,
    you can even type EOT, as long as it
    is not alone on a line, like this:


There are several key things to note about heredoc, and the example above:

  • You can use anything you like; "EOT" is just an example

  • You need to use <<< before the delimiter to tell PHP you want to enter heredoc mode

  • Variable substitution is used in PHP, which means you do need to escape dollar symbols - if you do not, PHP will attempt variable replacement.

  • You can use your delimiter anywhere in the text, but not in the first column of a new line

  • At the end of the string, just type the delimiter with no spaces around it, followed by a semi-colon to end the statement

Without heredoc syntax, complicated string assignments can quickly become very messy. Heredoc is not used all that often in the wild - very often you will wish it were used more, because too many scripts you will come across have messy code as a result of not using heredoc!

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