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What is a dot net programmer?

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A Dot Net Programmer is a computer software programmer who develops and writes computer software which is compatible with windows desk top applications or web sites that run on windows servers using Microsoft's .NET.

Dot-NET consists of a number of technologies that allow software developers to build Internet-based distributed systems. Individual pieces of these systems, called software components, can be built using several different programming languages and by several different organizations. Through a common set of core functionality, Dot-NET allows these components to work reliably with each other.

Microsoft's core implementation of Dot-NET includes:

  • C# (a new programming language)
  • the Common Language Runtime (for support of other programming languages)
  • a collection of components that provide support for networking, security, and other "base" services commonly needed in distributed applications
  • Windows Forms (WinForms) and Web Forms, rich Windows user interface components
  • ASP.NET, a new version of Active Server Pages
  • ADO.NET, new data access objects in the tradition of the original Active Data Objects

A new version of Microsoft's system development environment, Visual Studio .NET, is the primary tool used to build dot-NET software

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