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Most of the SEOs are habituated to do junk off-page SEO and like to promote the websites through only directory submission and social bookmarking. But we should keep in mind that off-page SEO is not meaning that we have to develop high amount of links. At first we should take care on quality not quantity.

Just keep in mind that web world is just like the real world. We know that ten good friends are always better that hundred bad friends. Same way ten good quality links are always better then hundred low quality links.

Low quality links mean minus (-) point
High quality links mean (+) point

Each people want to earn fame not shame. So, if you don’t want to build shame for youself then how can you think that you should develop shame for your website?

So, STOP to develop low quality links immediately and start to develop only high quality links from now.


Review the following off-page SEO activities to develop quality links:

Directory Submission:

Submit your website only on the top 100 directories. Also, don’t submit a particular link several times in a partucular directory, submit a link only 1 time . You can also submit all the internal pages in a particular directory with different relevant anchor text.


Social Bookmarking:

Submit your website only on top 30 social bookmarking sites. You don’t need to bookmark on other unpopular social bookmarking sites.


Article Submission:

Article content should be good quality, eye caching, readable.

Why Good Quality: Quality content help to identify your website, how good your website is. If reader or crawler feel that your article content is low quality then they will also treat your website as low quality website.

Why Eye Caching: Before read your article content, visitors will think two times they will read the article or not.

Why Readable: Once visitors will start to read your article, if they feel that meaning of any sentence is very hard to understand then they will not read more.

Also, submit your article only on the top 15-20 article quality directories.


Press Release Submission:

Submit your press release only on the popular top 20 press release directories. Low quality Press Release directories will help you to generate lots of links but those PR sites will help generate only junk links and through which your website will get minus (-) point.


PPT and PDF Submission:

PPT always use to develop good brand and Google likes the branded websites so it will not only help to generate high quality links, also help you generate good brand on Google.


External Blog Posting:

Visitors like to read blogs and Google also likes the blog based sites. So, develop external blog on,, and other high quality blog sites and post quality fresh content at least weekly basis.


Forum Posting:

Search relevant forum and post comment on the relevant threads. Try to use your website services links only on the signature section. One spammy forum link can harm your website very much negative way.

Also engage yourself only on quality forums as most of the popular forums don’t care on the spammy posting (like irrelevant, adult or ****** related posting), they don’t remove the spammy posts due to lack of times, resources and investments.


Classifieds Submission:

Visitors like to review the classified sites and Google also cache them very fast. So, Submit your website description with details on the popular classified sites.


If you work on the above mentioned exercises as per recommendations, you will not only develop quality links you will also save your website from Google  penalty and get good ranking improvement very fast.

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Off page SEO is considered as a technique which is used to enhance the position of your website on search engines. Off-page SEO remains outside the limits of your website. Remember, off-page SEO is not just a link building, it is way beyond that. Everything promotion methods such as link building, Social Media Marketing, Social bookmarking, Content Submission, Guest Posting, Broken Links etc. are pre-planned by Reputable SEO Company according to the Search engines algorithms for making a website higher in the search results.


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