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Hi I am kavita. I am 19 year old. I have completed 12th from M.P. board in the year of 2013.  I joined B.Sc against my wish but now I have a chance to join Engineering but this year I didn't attempt the exam of jee mains. I want to take drop this year and want to join mitesh rathi classes in Bhopal. Would it be good to waste 2 years. I am so confused about that. If I don't do B.e I won't be able to do anything which I want. B.e is  creativity and activity for me. Please suggest me what should I do?
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Hi Kavita,

In would be better to listen our inner voice on priority basis. If you are no more interested in doing B.Sc., than it would be better to switch in to your desirable course right now.
In my opnion you should drop 1 or 2 year and join coaching classes in order to crack B.E entrance exams. If you are interested in B.E. rather than B.Sc than you should try to take admission in B.E. course, it will surely fruitful for your career ahead.

Don't fear to take this risk, otherwise you will regret yourself in future that why don't you pursue B.E. Because you can't travel back in time. Hope you will understand my suggestion.

All the best.
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