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When I am playing sound on LAN its working file but over wan i am unable to listen sound for an extension defined in extensions.conf file. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

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3 Answers

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It is either firewall or NAT issues. Try opening ports Also #setenforce 0
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problem has been resolved successfully. But now i am getting another issue on WAN. I have created a IVR Menu which contains options to listen voice e.g. press 1 for Tech, press 2 for Support etc.
When I press 1 on lan network its working fine but on WAN its not working means while pressing 1 there is no action.
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What do you get on verbose???
Restart your Asterisk CLI in verbose mode to see what is happening when you place a phone call. To do that, type :
asterisk -vvvvvvvr
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Nothing is happening in verbose mode.
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Set dtmfmode=auto in sip.conf file?
It is usually under general section and not under individual sip context.

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This error generally happens due to nating issue .You may resolve this by putting following value in your general context of sip.conf (e.g) :-
externaddr=54.XXX.XXX.XXX(Public IP of server)
localnet=10.72.XXX.XXX/ IP range)

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