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I want some customization in Clipbucket..Please help...
I need the below followings points on my existing CB website
  1. Should be played on Mobiles and Tabs
  2. Should check duplcate URLs & Titles
  3. Thumbnail should be bit more clear
  4. Should be downloadable YT vids
  5. Should be embedd vids other than YT like Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailmotion, etc..
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I can do it for you please send me the link so that we can proceed and I can give you the demo please see my PM to you and we can discuss the costing in PM also..

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I hve sent you the link and gone through ur demo link ...give me some time to review all the features in ur demo..i will come back..
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ok sure ...waiting
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it was good..please implement on agreed price on my website provided ftp access

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