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external_dial - 

Places a manual dial phone call on the agent screen, you can define whether to search for the lead in the existing database or not and you can define the phone_code and the number to dial. This action will pause the agent after their current call, enter in the information to place the call, and dialing the call on the agent screen.

value - 
 Any valid phone number (7275551212)
lead_id -
 Any valid lead_id from the system(either value or lead_id are required) if both are defined, lead_id will override value
phone_code -
 Any valid phone country code (1 for USA/Canada, 44 for UK, etc...)
search -
 YES  - perform a search in the campaign-defined vicidial_list list for this phone number and bring up that lead
 NO  - do not search, create a new vicidial_list record for the call
preview -
 YES  - preview the lead in the vicidial screen without dialing
 NO  - do not preview the lead, place call immediately
focus -
 YES  - change the focus of the screen to the vicidial.php agent interface, brings up an alert in the browser window
 NO  - do not change focus
vendor_id -
 OPTIONAL, any valid Vendor lead code
dial_prefix -
 OPTIONAL, any dial prefix that you want to add to the beginning of the dial string for this call
group_alias - 
 OPTIONAL, the outbound callerID(from an existing group-alias) that you want to use for this call
vtiger_callback -
 OPTIONAL, YES or NO, will lookup the phone number and Vtiger account ID from the provided Event ID
alt_user -
 OPTIONAL, instead of agent_user, this is to lookup the agent_user using the vicidial_users.custom_three field
alt_dial -
 OPTIONAL, if using lead_id you can set this flag to dial the ALT number or the ADDR3 number


ERROR: external_dial not valid - 7275551212|1|YES|6666
ERROR: no user found - 6666
ERROR: agent_user is not logged in - 6666
ERROR: agent_user is not allowed to place manual dial calls - 6666
ERROR: caller_id_number from group_alias is not valid - 6666|TESTING|123
ERROR: group_alias is not valid - 6666|TESTING
ERROR: vtiger callback activity does not exist in vtiger system - 12345
ERROR: phone_number is already in this agents manual dial queue - 6666|7275551211
ERROR: lead_id is not valid - 6666|1234567
ERROR: phone number is not valid - 6666||1234567|
SUCCESS: external_dial function set - 7275551212|6666|1|YES|NO|YES|123456|1232020456|9|TESTING|7275551211|
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how to see the call status in Vicidial via API?
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There are 2 APIs to get the particular call status

First API to get the Call ID for specific agent's call



agent_user=--AGENT EXTENSION--
source=description of what originated the API call (maximum 20 characters)
user=with permission level >= 7 with report access

Second API to get the call status as per the above call id


call_id=XXX (will get from above API)
agent_user=--AGENT EXTENSION--
source=description of what originated the API call (maximum 20 characters)
user=with permission level >= 7 with report access
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API functions:
version - shows version and build of the API, along with the date/time
external_hangup - sends command to hangup the current phone call for one specific agent(Hangup Customer)
external_status - sends command to set the disposition for one specific agent and move on to next call
external_pause - sends command to pause/resume an agent now if not on a call, or pause after their next call if on call
external_dial - sends command to manually dial a number on the agent's screen
external_add_lead - Adds a lead in the manual dial list of the campaign for logged-in agent
change_ingroups - changes the selected in-groups for a logged-in agent
update_fields - changes values for selected data fields in the agent interface
set_timer_action - sets timer action for the current call the agent is on
st_login_log - looks up the vicidial_users.custom_three field and logs event from CRM
st_get_agent_active_lead - looks up active lead info for an agent and outputs lead information
ra_call_control - remote agent call control: hangup/transfer calls being handled by remote agents
send_dtmf - sends dtmf signal string to agent's session
transfer_conference - sends several commands related to the agent transfer-conf frame
park_call - sends command to park customer or grab customer from park or ivr
logout - logs the agent out of the agent interface

New scripts:
/agc/api.php - the script that is accessed to execute commands

Required variables for all API calls:

user - is the API user

pass - is the API user password

agent_user - is the vicidial agent user whose session that you want to affect

source - description of what originated the API call (maximum 20 characters)

Optional variable for all API calls:

close_window_link - will display a link to close the window, useful if you pop up the API link in a browser window

language - currently only works for close window link: en=English, es=Spanish

To hangup the call, disposition it and then pause the agent, do the following in order:

Response to calls will return either an ERROR or a SUCCESS along with an explanation.
for example:
SUCCESS: external_status function set - 6666|A
ERROR: agent_user is not logged in - 6666


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