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Can anyone tell me the uses of Kangen water...I need honest details
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1.11.5 pH Strong Kangen
2.2.5 pH Strong Acidic
3.7 pH Clean Water
4.4.5 – 5.5 pH Beauty Water
5.Additional Skin Condition Remedies
6.8.5 to 9.5 pH Kangen Water
7.Getting started with Kangen
8.Cleansing Symptoms

1. Good Night Sleep
Drink ½ - 1 ounce of 11.5 pH strong kangen before bedtime to help release Melatonin for a good night sleep.

  1. Hot Bath Soak
    Use one gallon of 11.5 pH strong kangen added right at the end of filling the tub.
    This replaces Epsom Salts.
    This works even better if you have the Anespa from Enagic.

  2. Eye Wash with an eye cup
    Soak eye cup in 2.5 pH strong acidic for 1-2 mins to clean and disinfect eye cup
    Rinse eye cup thoroughly with 11.5 pH strong kangen
    Fill eye cup with 11.5 pH strong kangen
    Place cup firmly around one eye, keeping eye open and roll eye up, down, side to side for 1 minute
    Toss water away and repeat from beginning for the other eye
    To maintain healthy eyes, follow this protocol 1-3 times per week
    When working to improve eye condition, follow this protocol at least 2 times daily, up to 10 times per day

  3. Grease in Eye
    Spray 11.5 pH strong kangen as needed to soothe and heal eye.

  4. Make Up Remover
    Spray 11.5 pH strong kangen on eyes to dissolve and remove make up.

  1. Puffy Eyes
    Spray 11.5 pH strong kangen as needed to soothe and heal eye.

  2. Bug Spray Repellent, Sunburn, Pain, Bug Bites, Swelling
    Spray or soak area with towel soaked in 11.5 pH strong kangen Keep towel wet for a minimum of 30 minutes twice a day

  3. Arthritis, Gout, Muscle Soreness, Tissue Injuries
    Since high alkalinity draws out acids, you can utilize 11.5 pH strong kangen to soak in to “pullout” acids associated with inflammation, injury and pain

  4. Allergies, Cold Symptoms, Snoring
    Use 11.5 ph strong kangen as a nasal wash when sinuses are plugged.
    Due to the reduction in inflammation of nasal passages this technique can also reducing snoring.

  5. Heat Burn, Indigestion, Food Poisoning, Stomach Flu
    Drink ¼ cup 11.5 pH strong kangen immediately followed by 25 ounces of 9.5 pH kangen.
    Do not eat or drink for the next 45 minutes.
    Repeat the next day only if necessary.

  6. Hangovers & Migraines
    Can prevent hangover
    As soon as feel migraine coming Drink several oz

  7. Stroke
    Drink as much as possible if feel a stroke coming on.
    To provide potent alkalinity to overcome severe acidosis causing the stroke.

  8. Chemotherapy
    Drink the water with chemotherapy.
    The benefits are that side effects are lessened.
    It reverses metabolic acidosis.
    The Antioxidants are good for any point on chemotherapy.
    Put 11.5 pH strong kangen on the skin twice a day for burns from chemotherapy.

  9. Fruits & Veggies
    Pre-rinse with 2.5 pH strong acidic and sit for 1 minute to kill microbes.
    Soak in 11.5 pH strong kangen for a minimum of 5 minutes to clean off pesticides

  10. Rice, Bean, Legumes
    Soak for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse clean with low flow 9.5 pH kangen

  11. Meats
    Pre-rinse with 2.5 pH strong acidic and sit for 1 minute to kill microbes.
    Soak all for 5 to 10 minutes for cleaning and tenderizing.

  12. Ice Cubes
    To help offset acidic drinks.

  13. Laundry Soap
    Use 1 to 2 quarts per load in place of laundry soap.
    Works beautifullyfor greasy smells like Fast-food Restaurant work clothes.

  1. Stains on Clothes, Rugs, Carpets
    Use as a de-greaser for any type of cleaning.
    Clean oil based stains by soaking the area and letting it sit for 10 to 20 minutes.
    Then blot out of carpets and wash using 18. Laundry Soap

  2. Clean Oven, Clogged Sinks & Tubs, Replace 409 Cleaner & Drano
    Clean with a scratch pad and 11.5 pH strong kangen.
    Replaces 409 cleaner with 11.5 pH strong kangen when dissolving grease and grime in kitchen.
    Use 11.5 pH strong kangen instead of Drano or other chemicals for clogged sinks and bathtubs.

  3. Polish Silver
    Soak and Polish

  4. Paint Thinner
    After using oil based paints,use 11.5 pH strong kangen to
    clean up.

  5. Use 11.5 pH strong kangen instead of “Goo Gone”
    Removes greasy, gooey, gummy, sticky problem.

1. Kill All Microbes
Pre-rinse all fruits, vegetables and meat with 2.5 pH strong acidic.
Let it sit for one minute before soaking in 11.5 pH strong kangen.
This will kill all micorbes, MRSA and infections.

  1. Disinfecting
    Use 2.5 pH strong acidic for disinfecting anything.

  2. Anti-Bacterial Soap
    Use 2.5 pH strong acidic in place of anti-bacterial soap.

  3. Hard Water Spots & Rust
    Clean hard water spots off of chrome and rust off of metal with 2.5 pH strong acidic

  4. Facial Lifting & Tightening
    Spray face and neck (NOT EYES) and rub skin upward until dry.
    Finish with beauty water to tone skin.

  5. Vomitting
    To stop vomitting, take 1-2 tablespoon

  6. Resolve Periodontal Disease & Thrush, Prevent Root Canal
    Brush and gargle with 2.5 pH strong acidic and wait for 1 minute
    Rinse with 9.5 pH kangen for 30 seconds to restore the natural pH.

  7. Infected Sinuses
    Spray 2.5 pH strong acidic in nose 2 times per days.
    Wait for 2 minutes, flush with 11.5 pH strong kangen.

  8. Open Wounds, Burns, Infections, Stop Bleeding, Kill Candida
    2.5 pH strong acidic kills bacteria and pathogens.
    Use on cuts, scrapes to help stop bleeding.
    Clean twice daily until healed.
    Do not use with any other ointments as they only attract microbes by keeping the area moist and sticky.

  9. Nail Fungus
    Spray or soak 2.5 pH strong acidic twice a day

  10. Pink Eye
    Spray infected eye several times thru the day and it will clear up.

  11. Sore Throat, Strep Throat, Cough
    Gargle 2.5 pH strong acidic 3-4 times a day or put in spray bottle and spray into throat.

  12. Poison Ivy
    Spray 2.5 pH strong acidic on infected area as often as needed.
    Will slow down itching and dry up poison ivy quicker.

  13. Fever Blisters, Cancer Sores
    Spray 2.5 pH strong acidic or Gargle to stop and dry up both.

  14. Moles & Warts
    If you see something abnormal on your skin, you might want to soak a gauze pad on a band aid with 2.5 pH strong acidic.
    Apply over the area.
    Change the band aid at least once a day.
    Often this process requires 30-60 days before seeing results.

Drink with meals only if necessary.
Use for making baby formula.

4.4.5 – 5.5 PH BEAUTY WATER
Beauty water pH is similar to rain water
1. Facial Soap
Clean face twice a day
Spray beauty water after cleaning

  1. Tone Skin
    Use beauty water as a final rinse in shower.
    Bathe using beauty water to tone and firm skin.

  2. Hair Conditioner
    Spraybeauty water on hair after showeringas this conditions the hair.
    Try not to use conditioner of any kind as this coats the hair.

  3. Rashes, Diaper Rash
    Spray beauty water on skin to soothe and heal rashes,including diaper rash.

  4. Pets
    Bathe pets for more lustrous coats.

  5. Plants
    Water indoor and outdoor plants for vigorous growth.
    Can revive dying plants.

  1. Eggs & Pasta
    Use beauty water to boil eggs and pasta.
  2. Freezing Food
    Spray beauty water on foods before freezing.
    Including fish and shrimp so that foods do not lose their flavor.
  3. Anthocyanins
    Use beauty water for washing and preparing fruits and vegetables containing anthocyanins
    E.g. plums, grapes, cherries, strawberries, red cabbage, eggplant, soy beans, asparagus.
  4. Eyeglasses
    Use beauty water to clean lenses.
  5. Fabric Softener
    Use beauty water in rinse cycle during laundry.
    One gallon per load.
  6. Replace Windex
    Use beauty water to replace allwindow andmirror cleaners.
  7. Hardwood Floors & Ceramic Tile
    Use beauty water for polishing and housecleaning hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, etc.

Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rashes, Burns
1. Rinse with 11.5 pH strong kangen to remove excess oils from skin.
2. Cleanse with non-soap cleanser and beauty water.
3. With a cotton swab dab 2.5 pH strong acidic on any active blemishes or broken skin.
4. Tone with beauty water in a spray bottle.
5. Repeat morning and bedtime.
6. Tone multiples times per day to keep skin hydrated.

Diaper Rash
1. Cleanse with non-soap cleanser and beauty water and pat dry.
2. With a cotton swab dab 2.5 pH strong acidic on any broken skin and let dry.
4. Hydrate with beauty water in a spray bottle.
5. Repeat after each diaper change.
Diaper rash begins with urine and faeces that are too acidic.
To prevent diaper rash begin by making certain that your baby is properly hydrated with 8.5 – 9.5 pH kangen.
Next replace baby wipes with a container filled with soft clothes or unbleached paper towels and beauty water.
Use to cleanse diaper area each time you change you baby, pat dry and then apply a very fine mist to the skin.
This assists in keeping the pH of the skin balanced.
Caution – Step away from the Antiperspirant
Sweat is one of your body’s natural methods for ridding itself of toxins.
Stopping that natural functioncan create aserious backlash in your lymphatic systems.
Odours are simply bacteria thriving in the dark, damp area.
So to stop the odour, simply mist with pH 2.5 strong acidic.
If you tend to sweat a lot, keep a small spray for occasional touch ups throughout the day.

1. Soups
Cook all soups with 9.5 kangen water.
2. Stir Fry
Stir fry with 9.5 kangen water to steam.
3. Weight Loss
Drink before you snack and before meals.
Wait 30 minutes before eating.
Most folks are so dehydrated that their thirst mechanism is
so weak that they think they are hungry.
4. Grey Hair
Often can return original hair color.
5. Vision
Can improve eye vision.
6. Spider Veins
Over time of drinking kangen water and cell repairing, spider veins will improve.
7. Aroma Therapy / Spritzer
Put any herb like rosemary or lavender in a spray bottle filled with Kangen water.
Let it set for a couple of house and use as a spritzer in your house for aroma therapy and an air freshener

It is recommended that everyone who chooses to drink Kangen water start by drinking the 8.5 pH kangen water.
The Kangen water is obtained by pushing the blue button on the front of the machine.
Multiple pushes will move you through the three different levels of the Kangen water that are produced.
This water is dispensed through the TOP flexible hose.
Drink at least ½ of your body weight in ounces each day.
If you do physically demanding work, participate in strenuous athletics, or are dealing with “sickness issues”, you need to drink more Kangen water to help your body move towards and achieve homeostasis.
In this situations, it is recommended that you drink at least ¾ of your body weight in ounces.
Drinking 1 ounce per pound of body weight per day produces real “miracles”.
After successfully drinking the suggested 8.5 pH kangen water for 2 weeks. (“successfully” means that you are not experiencing any discomfort while drinking the water, other than the frequency of urination)
You may choose to increase the water pH level up to 9.0 pH setting.
Repeat for another 2 weeks and move to 9.5 pH setting.

Occasionally we find people that experience “cleansing” symptoms.
These are typically casused by the body releasing stored toxins and acidic wastes.
If you experience any “cleansing” types of symptoms when you start on the 8.5 pH kangen water, then you should increase the amount of water you are drinking.
This helps to neutralize and flush toxins from your system.
If you experience these symptoms after increasing the pH of the water you are consuming.
Then go back to the last pH setting that you were able to drink without experiencing these symptoms and increase the amount of water that you consume until these symptoms stop.
If the reaction gets too severe, one should back off of the pH but INCREASE the volume of water ingested.
Some of the symptoms
•Skin eruptions
•Loose bowels
•Dry throat

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