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What is The Average Salary in India for 2022 (Comparison, Outsourcing)

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What is the Average Salary in India?
India’s national average salary amounts to 428.49 USD per month, as per the exchange rates in July 2021.

A country’s average salary is an important indicator of its standard of living.

However, other key indicators like the median salary and the average salary range can help you get a broader overview of the country.

A. Median Salary:
India’s median salary is 29,400 INR per month (392.07 USD).

This implies that half of the Indian population earns less than 29,400 INR every month, while the other half earns more than 29,400 INR.

How is the median salary value different from the average salary?
The median salary represents the middle value between all salaries considered, while the average divides the sum of all salaries by the number of salaries considered.

For example, let’s say employee A earns 20,000 INR, employee B earns 30,000 INR, and employee C makes 50,000 INR. In this case, the average salary is 33,333 INR, whereas the median salary is 30,000 INR.

B. Salary Range
India’s average salary range extends from 8,080 INR per month (107.78 USD) to 143,000 INR per month (1,907.25 USD).

However, this doesn’t mean that the actual highest salary in India is only 1.43 Lakhs.

The average salary range only considers salaries that fall between the average lowest salary and the average highest salary in India.

Salary data like the national average salary, the median salary, and the salary range can help you understand the Indian population and economy.

Salary Comparison in India
While it’s easy to determine the average income in any country, what you actually pay an employee depends on several variables.

These factors include profession, education, work experience, location, etc.

We’ll compare the average salaries in India based on each one of these parameters.

A. Salary Comparison by Profession
The average base salary in India varies drastically across different sectors like IT, manufacturing, customer care, etc. The salaries also differ based on the job profile and the type of job (full time, part-time, freelance, etc.) within each of these sectors.

Let’s take a look at the salary comparison across different professions in India (full time job):

ProfessionAverage Indian Salary (per month)
Program Manager1,50,000 INR (2001.45 USD)
Healthcare Consultant1,33,333 INR (1790.44 USD)
Project Manager1,25,000 INR (1669.80 USD)
Life Sciences Consultant1,16,666 INR (1566.78 USD)
Data Scientist91,666 INR (1223.10 USD)
Human Resources Manager (HR Manager)66,666 INR (889.52 USD)
Chartered Accountant66,500 INR (887.01 USD)
Software Developer/ Software Engineer50,000 INR (667.88 USD)
Data Analyst50,000 INR (666.92 USD)
Java Developer41,666 INR (555.76 USD)
Restaurant Manager37,281 INR (498.02 USD)
Legal Advisor35,532 INR (474.10 USD)
Journalist31,442 INR (419.53 USD)
Interior Designer25,000 INR (333.97 USD)
Mechanical Engineer20,850 INR (278.53 USD)
Accountant20,000 INR (267.17 USD)
Content Writer20,000 INR (267.17 USD)
Teacher20,000 INR (267.17 USD)
Graphic Designer20,000 INR (267.17 USD)
Data Entry Operator15,228 INR (203.43 USD)

B. Salary Comparison by Education
In most countries, you’ll earn a bigger paycheck if you have a higher education. The scenario isn’t any different in India.

A survey by shows that employees with a certificate or a diploma earn 17% more than their peers who have only graduated from high school.

Employees with a Bachelor’s Degree earn an average of 24% more than those who only have a certificate or a diploma. Similarly, professionals with a Master’s Degree make up to 29% more than those with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Ph.D. holders earn high salaries that are approximately 23% more than Master’s Degree holders for the same job title.

Note: Salary estimate based on education depends on the different job locations and the chosen career field.

C. Salary Comparison by Experience
It’s a given that any employee’s pay scale will increase with their work experience.

Salary Explorer’s salary report reveals that, on average, a person’s starting salary usually doubles by the time they cross the ten years experience mark.

Here’s an approximate breakdown of how salaries increase with increasing work experience:

Number of Years of ExperienceAverage Progress in Salary
2-5 years+32%
5-10 years+36%
10-15 years+21%
15-20 years+14%
20+ years+9%

Note: All these salary figures are only guidelines. Individual salaries may differ significantly.

D. Salary Comparison by Location
An Indian employee’s salary may vary based on their job location.

Let’s take a look at the average salaries in key locations (cities and states) across the country:

Location Average Indian Salary (per month)
Bangalore60,583 INR (808.08 USD)
Pune48,583 INR (648.02 USD)
Mumbai45,500 INR (606.90 USD)
Andhra Pradesh41,916 INR (559.09 USD)
New Delhi41,500 INR (553.54 USD)
Uttar Pradesh34,500 INR (460.18 USD)
Kerala32,666 INR (435.71 USD)
Chandigarh32,250 INR (430.16 USD)
West Bengal31,916 INR (425.71 USD)
Goa28,000 INR (373.48 USD)

If you’re planning to hire a workforce in India, this salary data should help you plan a salary structure and decide on your employees’ gross salary and the company’s compensation budgets.


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