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To connect an on-premise router to AWS via Direct Connect, you will need to follow these general steps:


Choose a Direct Connect Location: Select a Direct Connect location
from the AWS Management Console, and then request a cross-connect to
your on-premise router.


Order a Direct Connect Connection: Order a new Direct Connect
connection from the AWS Management Console or API. You will need to
specify the connection bandwidth, the Direct Connect location, and the
virtual interface configuration.


Configure the On-Premise Router: Configure the on-premise router to
establish a BGP session with AWS. You will need to configure the IP
addresses, BGP peering information, and routing policies.


Configure the Virtual Interface: Configure the virtual interface in
AWS. You will need to specify the IP address, BGP peering information,
and routing policies.


Verify the Connection: Verify the BGP session is established, and
ensure that traffic is being exchanged correctly.


Test the Connection: Test the connection by sending traffic from your
on-premise network to AWS resources, and vice versa.

Note: The detailed steps and commands may vary depending on the specific router and Direct Connect setup. It is recommended to consult the AWS documentation and seek assistance from a qualified network engineer.

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