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Recently, Karan Johar has faced a lot of criticism for his past remarks. One such video of the filmmaker admitting to attempting to ruin Anushka Sharma's career went viral, and another video from his show, Koffee With Karan, received backlash for allegedly being disrespectful towards Deepika Padukone, with similar comments against Anushka also being made. In response, Karan Johar shared a cryptic message on his Instagram stories about not surrendering or giving up.

Karan Johar posted a Hindi poem on his Instagram stories, which loosely translates to:

"Laga lo ilzaam, hum jhukne waalon mein se nahi.., jhoot ka ban jao
ghulam...., hum bolne waalon mein se nahi..., jitna neecha
dikhaoge..., jitne aarop lagaoge..., hum girne waalon mein se nahi...,
humara karam humari Vijay hai...aap utha lo talvaar... Hum marne
waalon mein se nahi."

It can loosely be translate to -

State the allegations, I'm not amongst those who will bow down. Become
a slave to lies, I won't say anything. However much you try to slander
and show me in a bad light, I will not fall. My goodness is my
victory. You can pick up your sword, I will not die.

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