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my 13 years old female cousin has grown very much in these last years, she is much taller than her parents who r short people(she may be around 5'4)My question is; IS MY FEMALE COUSIN GONNA BE TALLER THAN ME (I'M 19 YEARS OLD AND I'M 5'8)? AND HW TALL COULD SHE BE WHEN HER PERIOD FINISHES

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There are many factors that determine the final height at adulthood.
These factors includes genetics, nutrition, exercise and sufficiebt rest.
However, environmental factors can also influence height.
Girl can expect to start growing toward their adult height with the onset of puberty.
Puberty begins between the ages of 10 – 11 and is usually complete by age 15 – 17.
After the onset of puberty, adolescents experience a growth spurt, which lasts up to two years.
During this period of growth, female adolescents will grow up to 3 inches a year.
In general, adolescents can expect to be at their final height by age 20.
Therefore her final height will depends on the above factors.
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