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Infrared Rays are actually electromagnet radiation with longer wavelength than visible light. Its wavelength is above microwave but below visible light, i.e. between 700 nanometers (0.7 micrometer) and 100,000 nanometers (1 millimeter). Infrared rays are usually radiated and absorbed by all bodies at above the absolute-zero temperature. Infrared rays can be detected by a variety of electronic devices and by some kind of photographic films.
Use of Infrared Rays

Infrared rays are used in security lights, burglar alarms and remote controls of Television and DVD players.
1. Doctors use infrared lamps to treat skin disease and relieve the pain of sore muscles.
2. Photographers use infrared ray’s sensitive films to take pictures in place where there is no visible light.
3. It is also used in specially designed ovens.

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