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Hack Facebook Accounts With The Help Of Three Trusted Friends!!!

I've received messages based on facebook hacking, and i have been trying to pull out something on that, i actually planned on writing about TAB NAPPING trick but it seems abit complicated. So i decided to check on this old trick FACEBOOK HACKING WITH THE HELP OF THREE TRUSTED FRIENDS and it worked, i hacked my friend's facebook account with it so i decided to write on it since its still working.

Now lets get to the point, i know most of you guys must have heard of this trick. but it stopped working awhile ago and here it is again.


All you need is three fake facebook accounts and a mail address that's not attached to any facebook account and then send friend requests to your target with your three created fake facebook accounts. Once you're done with that then you're ready to work.


First logon to and click on FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD, and and type in your target's facebook user name and search. Once the RESET YOUR PASSWORD page loads, now click on NO LONGER HAVE ACCESS TO THESE?, and the HOW CAN WE REACH YOU page will load, once the the page is done loading, now enter your mail address that's not attached to any facebook account, then click CONTINUE. And another page will load which is the ANSWER YOUR SECURITY QUESTION page.

Well you'll have to answer the security question, oh lemme guess you don't know the answer to the question? Well i guess you'll just have to close your browser since you don't know the answer . lols i'm just kidding, now the thing next to do on the that page is to look down on that page and you'll see something like this, Can't Remember The Answer? Recover Your Account With Help From Friends.

Now click on the link and you'll see the next page page which is Recover Your Account Through Friends page and you'll see something like this on that page

The only way to prove that this is your account is to show that your friends know you.More

You'll need to:

Step 1 Choose 3 trusted friends

Step 2 Call your friends to get security codes.

Step 3 Recover your account.

This process takes a few minutes for your friends.

Now click on continue, then select your created fake facebook accounts. Now login to those fake accounts to get the password recovery link to reset your target's password without his or her awareness.


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