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There are many forest and wildlife sanctuaries in India, the main forest can be listed below:

Main Forest in North India
Jim Corbett National Park
Kaziranga National Park

Main Forest in East India
Sunderbans National Park
Mouling National Park
Dibru-Saikhowa National Park
Balpakram National Park
Manas Tiger Reserve

Main Forest in West India
Ranthambore National Park
Gir Forest

Main Forest in South India
Mukkurthi National Park
Guindy National Park
Arignar Anna Zoological Park
Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park
Vallunadu Black Buck Sanctuary
Srivilliputhur Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary
Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary
Kalakkadu Wildlife Sanctuary
Anshi National Park
Bandipur National Park

Main Forest in Central India
Bandhavgarh National Park
Kanha National Park
Bandhavgarh National Park

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