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Each tea would represent one country/region and be named by the word peace in that language such as:

Sith tea- Scottish Gaelic

Mir tea- Czech Republic

Paix tea- French

Pe' tea - Martinique (Caribbean)

Emem tea- Nigeria

Satta tea- Jamaica

Bake' tea- Basque

S'anti tea- Hindi

Shee tea- Manx (Isle of Man)

Be'ke tea - Hungarian

Ro tea- Tanawan (Micronesia)

Shalom tea- Hebrew 

Lape' tea- Haiti

Koosi tea- Uganda

Jam tea- West Africa

He'ping tea- Chinese

Apunno tea- Japan

Rafi' tea- Northern Sami (Finland Sweden Russia)

Peace tea- English (UK US AU ..well, mostly everywhere)

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Need a better brand name , which is easy to remember and catchy too
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india tea...

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