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My name is Vikas and I\'ve purchased a mobile RedMi 1s-198-HM1S Indian WCDMA-Grey and the serial number is 865622027274393.

There was some issue with the charging port of mobile and I\'ve submitted the phone to the customer support office in Vikas marg, Shakarpur, Delhi-92 and they have accepted the defect and asked for some time for warranty replacement of the hardware.

I\'ve submitted the phone on July 30, 2015 and have not received it YET. They are just providing me the excuses that the hardware is not available yet which is completely not acceptable with the standard of your company. It is more than 20 days and the issue has not been resolved. It is completely unacceptable. To be frank, I\'m not able to use the mobile for more than 20 days under warranty and for that I need some serious explanation.

I had an urgent office work and I had to travel to USA and due to your dedicated customer support, I had to purchase a new cellphone. But, this time no Xiaomi as I was really frustrated. Due to your company\'s poor policy and support, I had to again invest 11000 INR for mobile which I should not have done if this mobile was working.

If you can\'t resolve the issue with phone which is under one year warranty, you need to replace it as no one can wait for 20 days. So, I want a resolution for this as soon as possible and to escalate this issue to the highest authority. I want reimbursement for the harassment as well which I have personally faced while your support completely ignored my query. I asked the contact information for higher authority and they refused to provide us. I took a lot of time to travel to your support office 5 times and searching for email address to escalate this from y busy time.

I need a response with resolution as I want to see how much your company is dedicated to your customers. Our whole family is using Xiaomi phones but definitely I will have to think 1000 times before purchasing any product from Xiaomi.

For your reference here is the Jobsheet number which I\'ve received from your office : JS15073000158. Also attached the billing invoice and Jobsheet which I received with this email for your reference.

Waiting for a positive reply.

Highly frustrated customer,

Vikas Kumar,

Contact : +91 9818478306
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Same with me..I mean how careless they are I submitted my fone at HCL touch mutli brand service center and they never pick the call...I finally sold the xiomi in OLX at 1500 Rs under warranty and I bought a new phone of Samsung....


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