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very much pain in the morning...then slowly it becoming less
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How to prevent calcaneal spur:

  • give proper rest.
  • increase the strength of calf muscles through exercise.
  • use proper fitted footwear with having heel arch and support.
  • avoid bare foot walk especially in hard floor.
  • avoid high heeled foot wear.
  • reduce weight.
  • avoid standing for long.
  • take a warm up before every exercise.
  • avoid standing for long.
  • avoid excessive intake of hot and spicy foods. etc


Heel spur don't have a magical cure, but can cure the pain,inflammation and eventually get rid of them.
Treatment methods are described in four steps.before starting the treatment one should understand that primarily avoid possible causes of the diseases.Treatments are:
  • Life style management.
  • Exercise.
  • Medicine
  • shoe recommendations
  • taping or strapping to rest stressed muscles and tendons.
  • orthopaedic molds.
  • shoe inserts 
  • Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Therapy(ESWT)
  • Surgery.

Yoga for Calcaneal Spur:


sit in Vajrasana followed by Viparitha karani or sarvangasana at least three times in the day. Whenever you need to sit down at home sit in vajrasana. This asana gives the pressure on the vajra nadi which is the acupressure point to correct the prana imbalance. On very painful days an elastic support bandage to foot and elevate the foot with support on the chair or pillow. and some pranayama like anuloma vilomaetc, and padmasana like procedures also will give calmness to the mind and body.mental distress is also an aggravating factor of this problem.

Ayurveda Treatments In Kerala for vatakantaka:

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other useful therapies:
  • hot water fomentation with saindhava.
  • dasamoola kashaya immersion.
  • warm brick fomentation or ishtika sweda
  • coconut oil massage
  • wrap cabbage leaf around the region.
  • warp arka leaf and give fomentation around it.


The easiest form of treatment of calcaneal spur is ishtika sweda with some internal medicines and can be performed by the patient itself at home,because it is simple and cost effective.

Materials required:

  1. taila/ oil -for local abyanga/ massage (pinda taila,mahanarayana taila,ksheeramala,dhanwantharam tailam,etc)
  2. two medium sized piece of Ishtika or brick.
  3. superintend water of boiled rice/ dhanyamlam, or dasamoolam kashayam-1ltr
  4. additional two cloth piece for making bolus in method 2

Method of Procedure and Preparation:

first of all the painful area should be given an oil massage/abyangam (without force) using any tailas mentioned above with conditions.
After abhyanga Ishtika/brick Sweda was done. Ishtika/brick was heated on moderate
flame till red hot, after that immediately it was kept in a vessel and prepared rice water or dasamoola kashaya poured over it. It yields hot fumes and affected foot held over it, till ishtika/brick became cold.
When Ishtika/brick became cold it was replaced by another red hot ishtika/brick and
thereby temperature was maintained. The procedure was repeated till the appearance
of Samyak Swinna Laxanas(like red color,softness,reduce of pain,sweat formation etc)
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